Knowledge base development

By John Kellas

I am a keen believer in the power of collective intelligence and have been researching how AI and Analytics get used and could be used in healthcare.

In 2018 I began collating information about analytic resources and information about AI in Health and care. I was focused on developing a shared knowledge base about resources for the health analytic community of practitioners. 

In 2017/18, with Dom Cushnan and I convened an ‘Ai in health and social care’ focused community series of webinars. Dom was working for NHSHorizons and is now head of AI imaging (Dom and I wrote this article about sharing data in 2018). Dr Sophie Taysom collaborated with Dom and I on this work. 

Sophie and I produced a report on analytics and AI projects and resources in Health in 2018 for the Bristol Health Partners that evolved into an Open Analytics Resource that is currently used as a collaborative resource by the Health Foundation and the Association of Health Care Analysts APHA *