Services & Clients


We specialise in improving how organisations and citizens work with data and technology for better outcomes for everyone. 

From health and care, education, and sustainability and ecological regeneration, we love addressing real world challenges.

Our areas of expertise include:

Bringing together communities of practice

We design and deliver programmes to bring together communities of practice – from policy experts to data analysts and technologists, from specialists to the public.


Co-producing data driven services and products

Data is valuable and we help people understand and leverage the value of data. We support people to design and make things through a data driven approach.


Co-developing data visualisation tools

We are passionate about helping people understand important facts. Over the last few years we have been making a new class of data rich visualisations and we help clients make and use cutting edge data visualisation tools.

We are pioneers in moving beyond simple notions of data communication to harness the power of visuals.