Data and Community Hackathon: Bristol City Council, Bath Hacked, Innovate UK

attendees at hackathon


The Data and Community Hackathon was one of the 42 events held as part of the 2019 Bristol Technology Festival. The event brought together a range of talented people to share knowledge, skills, and resources, to address some of Bristol and Bath’s key social challenges; namely homelessness, housing, and the digital divide.

The events was designed and facilitated by This Equals, and hosted by Bristol City Council and Bath Hacked CIC, sponsored by Innovate UK. Attendees included enthusiasts, subject matter experts, and coders. It was held at The Engine Shed, an innovative and dynamic working space that supports cross team and collaborative working.

Prior to the event, participants were sent briefing packs outlining the key local and national issues and priorities, the policy context, and lists of relevant datasets. These included:

Participants had the opportunity to comment on these documents directly.

In addition, we worked in partnership to secure over £10k equivalent in sponsorship from a number of organisations including NMI finance, University of West of England, University of Bristol, and Digital Ocean.